11 Years and Counting

Hello friends! Please allow me to take a break from the usual creativity as I write today to declare my love and share this bliss of being tied to this wonderful man, Nelson… my husband for 11 years today. It’s our anniversary!


Nelson has been the one who is more expressive and open to sharing in social media our life as partners. He’s a blogger, by the way. He wrote Our Love Story so beautifully that I would always find myself reading it all over again.

But apart from the love that we have, if there’s another best thing in our marriage which I delight in so much, it’s the profound peace in our home.

This doesn’t mean that we’ve hated chaos. We actually love to complicate life, for as long as LOVE demands us to do it.

IMG_4715 (1)

11 years of marriage has taught us to master the skill of enjoying it. That is, we choose to squeeze every drop of joy from the most ordinary things. And choose to stay calm amidst the setbacks. There’s enough grace that we’re able to see the blessings from them as well.


This perhaps is what makes our marriage harmonious. It’s truly life-giving and always love-filled.


May the good Lord continue to bless our marriage, our love, and our friendship. Happy 11 years, My Love!