I ❤ Pretty Paper Studio

I could not believe that three months had already passed since I was chosen to be a part of the prestigious Design Team of the UAE’s most loved art and crafts shop, the Pretty Paper Studio. The excitement still lingers. Happiness overflows. It’s indeed a dream come true to be doing projects with a group of highly creative women across the country.

May I show you two of the creations that I’ve done with PPS? Oh, great!

One of the most requested projects my clients would ask from me is to create for them these little something giveaways that are special, simple, chic but cost-effective.

These pretty handmade pouches and banners were made using clear stamps for our “Stamptember” series. You would probably be surprised at how easy they were done. Click HERE and find out.

The next project that I’d made is something that is very close to my heart. It’s my first shoe art! Doing this, I felt I was able to clearly narrate my experiences, my thoughts, my ideas. These shoes give a very unique story… My Story.

It was made with love for our “Inktober” series. Would you like to know how I did this? Click HERE.

Were you able to check the photo tutorials? Yas! This is how generous our favorite art and crafts shop is. It gives free online how-to’s. Do visit my colleagues’ amazing works and the photo tutorials as well and get ready to be inspired by them. Stay tuned for more.

Create with us. Create with love.