A Heart To Heart with ITS HER WAY

The year 2020 has made us change the way we live. We’ve experienced The Great Pause.

To be honest, I could not count the days when I have lost focus on my goals and on looking on the bright side. But with these two things that my heart has been telling me, that “I can always thrive right where I am,” and that “There lies an opportunity in difficult times like this,” I could somehow think of the possibility of going back to track. Even as an original work-from-home creative entrepreneur, I need to adapt to this so-called new normalcy. Trying to still let creativity shine, I sought God and asked Him to guide me over.

Last June, as I checked the old messages from my clients, I happened to reread a conversation I had with Ms. Shweta from Its Her Way. She had been inviting me since last year to join their community as it would help my small business grow. To my surprise, I realized this has been one of the answers to my prayers. I immediately consulted my husband and we both agreed to grab this golden opportunity.

Its Her Way has a beautiful platform that supports ShePreneurs, PassionPreneurs, and dreamers like me nurture our small businesses. Right now, it has helped me open a shop with them thru Its Her Skill and I’m already feeling the thrill of having a lot to learn and of having an amazing support system.

The following is a set of questionnaire that Its Her Way has sent me over. I loved answering these questions as it made me reminisce about my beginnings and it made me understand myself more. I thought of sharing this with you to know some things about me and this tiny business I named KnickKnacks Creative.

What is your brand about?

KnickKnacks Creative is an online place where inspiring expressions of positivity, faith, and most of all LOVE, are handcrafted. It is a haven for creating wonderful things that are good for the soul.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity for me is one of God’s greatest gifts that everyone possesses and should be utilized to fulfill his/her life’s purpose. Everyone can create things that would make us unique and would give us our voice and message to the world. Pursuing creativity is a path to happiness.

Tell us more about your journey into this business. Your inspiration. Your motivations.

Initially, I wanted to create a business that is inspired by what I am passionate about and which that gives more meaning to my life. I then came up with this concept of selling IKEA’s handful of knickknacks in the Philippines since I have a thing for home furnishings. This was my first selling experience online. I named this small biz “KnickKnacks PH.”

While running the said biz, I felt the need to search for a project that has a deeper meaning. Where passion, mission, profession, and vocation meet on this sweet spot called Ikigai. 

It was then I rediscovered my love for crafts and hand lettering thru following creative people on Instagram. I learned from them that the beautiful idea of spending time with my then 7-year old son crafting and making and doing projects other than his school homework. One afternoon in May 2016, my love for watercolor brush calligraphy was born. This has been my creative me-time from then on.

I courageously posted every creation of mine on social media. To my delight, I received encouragement from family and friends, telling me to never stop and that they were inspired as well by my craft and the things that I have been doing. 

I started to receive messages asking me if I can do a certain creative project for them. Subsequently, my craft has evolved from graduation table styling to gallery wall designing. From party/wedding needs, gift ideas to other creative sorts. I had been invited as well to join a marketplace in Dubai to sell my handmade products and promote my skills. As soon as I realized that these kinds of services which I am delivering have brought me profound joy, I knew I have finally found my Ikigai.

I have named my passion project and new business “KnickKnacks Creative” with mantra “Passionate to create. Purposed to love.”

What does financial independence mean to you? Do you think you are financially independent?

Financial Independence is a status wherein I will not worry about anything that concerns about money. I cannot say that I am financially independent now, but I believe I am in the process of achieving it.

As a woman do you have any struggles you have faced to get validation of your business idea?

I did not have some sort of struggle as I have an incredibly supportive husband and son, family, and closest friends. 

What were your struggles as a woman starting up this business? (If Any)

“What will people say?” I am an introvert and I am one of those who wanted to step out of the shadow of other people’s expectations and opinions. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and I could almost hear people questioning me on why I am doing the stuff that is completely different from my profession.

How did you overcome these struggles?

I prayed hard and trusted God that He knows what is best for me. I also have virtual mentors that I constantly get advice and inspiration from. I also attended workshops that encouraged me and helped me find my brand.

Describe what success means to you professionally and personally?

Success is simply a goal that has been achieved. Though personally, it is the love for life, profound joy, and peace of mind that define true success, in my heart and understanding.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My inspirations are God, my family, my friends, myself, and others. I do what I do because I was born to love and to serve God and these people. It is truly clear to me why I need to jump out of bed each morning. 

Why did you start this business? Is it based on personal experience or social purposes?

Because KnickKnacks Creative is my calling. The business that makes me do what I love, what I am good at, what the world needs, and what I can be paid for. 

What is it that you want to achieve through this business that will make you happy?

My goal is to bring this business to my hometown in the Philippines to help and serve more people. From being online, I would want this biz to grow into a physical gift shop and a studio cum workshop place that welcomes every creative and passionate individual.

Tell us about your team if you have one? Who helped you with this business starting?

My team is my family and closest friends.

How do you want to set an example for other younger women in this new generation?

I hope the world, especially women, would know me as someone who loves God, values family and friends, serves people, pursues creativity, makes time, and lives blissfully and purposely. 

How would you want to pay it forward?

I want to help other women discover their purpose and pursue their dreams. I am dedicated to foster a happy tribe of creative collaboration. Thanks to Its Her Way!


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