I rediscovered my love for crafts and hand lettering thru following creative people on Instagram. I learned from them the beautiful idea of spending time with my then 7-year old son crafting and making and doing projects other than his school homework. One afternoon in 2016, my love for watercolor brush lettering was born. This has been my creative me-time from then on.

I help busy people, as well as small business owners, create their dream design projects. I also love encouraging every creative individual to be brave enough to make things around our passion and purpose happen.

I love Knickknackscreative by Didith! I kept the artwork (@Positivitrix – Dubai) that she made for me a few years back! Everytime I see it in my office, it makes me smile! Things crafted by hands give us humans a totally different feeling and energy. Have her make something special for you and your loved […]

Trixie Esguerra, Vision Board Coach and CEO of @Positivitrix

When I was planning my son’s Baptism Party, I had this wild dream to come up with the Up Up and Away (Hot Air Balloon) Theme. It was, I know, almost impossible to put up because it needed a lot of time to prepare plus the budget restrictions I personally had. But when I sent […]

Peng Buenaobra-Agullo

I’m forever fan of your works, Ate. I admire your passion in everything that you do. A certified calligraphist with a heart. Keep it up. I will never get tired browsing your Instagram and FB page. Thank you for sharing your God given talent to all of us. Kudos!

Rei Pantanilla

Our customized souvenir pouches are the cutest! Our guests loved these and so did we! FB find ko lang talaga to, nakita ko lang na ti-nag nya workmate ko and nag-try na ako mag-inquire. Sobrang nice ng owner (Ate Didith) and I also enjoyed the orderly fact that she sent me kung paano nya talaga ginagawa. […]

Annjoy Contaoi-Sarmiento

Very creative and talented Ate Didith. Everything is so adorbs and amazeballs. You’re the the best!

Diana Jean Felipe

I am so happy! Super ganda po ng creation and nagco-contribute din ng ideas and suggestions para sa ikagaganda ng output. Ang bait din po ng may-ari kahit makulit ako hihihi! Thanks po! ‘Til our next creation po!

Richelle Bautista

Thank u so much KnickKnacks Creative for the pretty backdrop. A very satisfied customer here. I love it! It’s just what exactly what I expected it to be! Would highly recommend. 

Jen Olase

The best place to get idea for gifts. Yung creations na super special, maganda at alam mo’ng with touch of love. I’m so happy to meet you and get to have some of your lovely creations. Looking forward for more. God Bless po!

Jem DB

I feel like the site resembles who you are as a person and it reflects your works. Simple yet exquisite and just like your works, so neat!

Rachell Ann Morada